Hello, my name is Brandon Eggleston. I’m a freelance recording engineer/producer based in Portland, OR with extensive major label and independent experience. My working goals are simple; as an engineer I break down the barriers between your ideas and the equipment to turn dreams into sounds, I eliminate technical hurdles during the creative process, and I push to exceed sonic expectations. As a producer I help develop music to its full potential in both composition and performance, simultaneously finding ways to make your record special and timeless. I am comfortable working in both analog and digital mediums in any studio or space. No matter what my role, I come with a fresh perspective and I tend to put my heart into every record I am part of. While recording and mixing is my primary focus, I also tour as a Front of House engineer and tour manager. I’m lucky to do what I do and love my job!



Located 10 mins from downtown Portland, OR, my private studio space was designed by renowned studio designer, Derek Trost, to be a perfect environment for mixing and overdubbing. Hardware features include Apogee Symphony I/O, Purple Audio MC-77, a Summit Audio DCL-200, an API 2500 mix bux compressor, Universal Audio 6176, Kush Audio UBK Fatso, Kush Audio Clariphonic EQ, Empirical Labs Distressor, 2 Vintech x73i preamps, 2 API 512 preamps, Focusrite ISA 2, Demeter Real Verb spring reverb, Dangerous 2-Buss, Roland Space Echo, Ibanez 202 delay, a vast collection of microphones, amplifiers, instruments, as well as countless plug-ins.


My standard rate is $275 a day. Studio rates vary and I am happy to suggest which studio will best fit your project and budget. I also offer a low cost option for mixing at my private studio (no studio fee). Touring rates are negotiated.


I’ve had the honor of working with Brandon on my last three records. He is not only superbly inventive and intuitive, he has the spark of creativity that proves the precious difference between a song sounding just great and a song sounding truly original. He is also a kind person who devotes himself to the work at hand, makes it his own and deserves a large share of credit in the finished product. I hope to work with him more in the coming years. (Brandon) is one of those rare types who is professional while still being laid back and fun to work with.

Josh Ritter

Brandon is a crucially important engineer at Tiny Telephone. He’s also been my tour manager and FOH for many years. I would seriously consider turning down a tour if Brandon couldn’t be a part of it. I know a lot of other bands that feel the same way.

John Vanderslice

artist/studio owner

Brandon Eggleston is hands-down the single most capable and competent person I have ever known in my life. He is never out of his depth, he is never overmatched, and—most extraordinarily—he never runs out of patience.

Peter Hughes

The Mountain Goats

Brandon is intuitive, patient and open-minded. He has a remarkably attentive ear for unique, yet natural sounds and can improvise tactfully no matter how diverse or limited a studio situation may be. Very fun dude too!

Scott Yoder

The Pharmacy

I have been working on records with Brandon for four years and I am still impressed with his professionalism and dedication. Brandon has mixed, engineered, and produced different records that I have been involved with and has always gone above and beyond what was expected. He brings lots of good ideas to the table, but also listens to what you want as an artist. He continues to work with some of my favorite bands and always makes amazing sounding records. 

Brandon Salter


Brandon has a natural affinity for understanding the artistic vision and pushing it forward. He always “gets” the music he’s working on, yet is unafraid to take aggressive chances. And, he’s a really handsome guy. 

Sam Kassirer

artist/producer/studio owner , Great North Sound Society


Please feel free to contact me with any questions at